For the past two summers we have enjoyed fishing charters with Colin Flaten aboard the Flying O. Colin has taken us to the waters off of Graham Island, Haida Gwaii’s most northern Island, where we have experienced the true beauty of British Columbia’s northern coast. In 2011 we booked our charter in August with June being the choice for 2012. The fact that we are repeat clients says it all. In fact I had to buy a freezer after the 2011 trip!

During our days fishing we were along side gray whales, sea lions, a walrus, eagles and various sea birds overhead. A day fishing with Colin is truly an experience which starts with fish being caught from the time Colin tells us to get our lines in the water to when he says it’s time to head in for the night to enjoy the catch of the day.

This year’s highlights were the double-header we had during the morning’s tide change on day 2; two beautiful springs, a 32 pounder landed by my nephew Andrew and a 27 pounder landed by myself. What a thrill playing these fish from the aft of the Flying O with both fish taking runs in different directions at the same time! My brother Mark and my son-in-law Scott were equally rewarded with springs in the 20 pound range. On day 3 we pulled up the crab traps set the day before and headed off shore for some halibut fishing. That evening Colin anchored the Flying O close to where he felt the early morning bite would be. Early next morning, day 4, after a wonderful evening of feasting on crab we had a high five experience landing a 50 lbs tyee. Within minutes of getting the bait in the water the line was just peeling off and I discovered the true meaning of a knuckle-duster! Drag properly set on the reel, rod tip up the fight was on and what a thrill!

On day 5 we returned to Masset and took our catch to the folks at Seapack Q.C.I.Processing to have cut, packaged and flash frozen. Delivery of your catch to the Masset airport as part of their service. Our final night of our trip was spent ashore at Engelhard’s Oceanview Lodge. Our hosts Fritz and his wife Thi Hai prepared a lovely breakfast for us the next morning before heading out to catch our Pacific Coastal flight back to YVR.